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Message from the Chairman

Since our company was founded in 1986, our success has been built on meeting and exceeding the mission objectives of our customers through technological innovation, professional agility and service excellence. Our distinguished reputation and talented team will continue our history of accomplishment as we begin life as a public company following our successful combination with Global Defense & National Security Systems (GDEF).

Becoming a public company greatly enhances our ability to realize our full potential in providing mission critical support to the U.S. government, providing us with the opportunity to grow and bring current capabilities to a wider customer base. It also enables us to develop and integrate new, complementary capabilities that are critical to the U.S. national security mission.

My colleagues on the STG Board of Directors bring vast experience from across the U.S. defense and national security sectors and I will be working closely with them and our leadership team to ensure that we continue to innovate to meet the growing challenges of our customers and drive value for our shareholders. In doing so, we will be leveraging our strong customer relationships, and the operational, industry and M&A expertise that my new colleagues bring to the business.

The commitment and dedication of our employees have helped to move the company forward and established the foundation on which we can build our future. We have always recognized that achieving service excellence strengthens customer loyalty and the trusted, enduring customer relationships that we have developed over the years are a testament to a smart and highly motivated team with the ambition to succeed. STG’s commitment to its people remains steadfast as we begin this new chapter of our history.

We have a very promising and exciting future ahead of us. Our proven capabilities are in high demand, and we have the scope to grow in new markets with new solutions. Our team has the vision and expertise to meet our customers’ most demanding challenges. Through this combination of innovation and dedication, we can all look forward to realizing STG’s full potential at the heart of the U.S. national security mission.


Simon Lee

Message from STG's CEO'

“We take care of our employees. Our employees take care of the customer. And the customer, by reaffirming their confidence in us with repeat business, takes care of STG.”
-Simon Lee